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August 16-18, 2019

Omaha, Nebraska

Get ready! The Dead Possum’s present ROTC6: When Mopeds Ruled The Earth!

Who Can Ride

You got yourself a vintage pedal moped? Hell yea, then you can ride! The rides are paced at about 30mph, so all we ask is that your bike is capable of at least 30 mph on flats (we know the little devils don’t love hills).

What To Bring

Firstly, your beautifully smiling face and secondly, your bad ass moped. Also might be a smart idea to bring any parts or tools you may need to fix your bike in the unfathomable event of it breaking down. Nebraska law requires a DOT approved helmet, so you’ll need one of em! We will stop at a gas station before each ride, but it may not be a bad idea to bring a gas can too.

Where To Stay

The rally is ran out of Ed’s Moped Shop located on 4314 Leavenworth St, just south of the Med Center. Any accommodations near there would suit nicely. Here is a map of hotels. There’s also plenty of room at the rally point for car and tent camping. Lastly, some locals might have a couch or floor to crash on.

If you have any questions, ask them here.

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Friday, 8/16

Check In

Meet at Ed's Moped Shop, unload your bike, grab your rally pack and get ready to ride! Delicious grub and drinks will be available next door at Barrett's Barleycorn Pub & Grill.

Night Ride

A lovely evening jaunt through the Loess Hills in Coucil Bluffs. Save some room for ice cream! Ride ends at the rally point.

Ride Ends

Back to the rally point. Shop will be open for awhile and the amazing Barrett's Barleycorn Pub & Grill will be open for hangs right next door.

Saturday, 8/17

Meet Up and Lunch

Meet up at the rally point. Grab your rally pack (if you haven't). A delicious lunch will be served. Prepare for a longer ride.

Day Ride

A long and luxurious country road cruise to the great Elkcorn River. Don't forget your swimsuit and a towel!

Dinner, Raffle, & Party

Ride ends at Ed's Moped Shop. A delicious dinner will be served, followed by an even more delicious raffle. Radical times will be had.

After Dark View Map

Night Ride

A late night romp through town. There will be two seperate rides, a fast one and slow one. Map linked is the fast ride. The slowride will be brought to you by the Slopeds! Bring a flashlight--not for the weak.

Sunday, 8/18

Ride Farewell Breakfast

Meet up at Ed's Moped Shop and partake in a short ride to Upstream Brewery for a gourmet breakfast. The end is looming... :'(

Rally Ends

Congrats if your bike is still running. We'll see ya next year.

All routes tentative until rally weekend.


Last year's treasure hunt was well recieved, so we are doing it again! This year it's entirely trivia based. So make sure you study up on both moped and 'Jurassic Park' knowledge!

The game is simple, earn 1 point for each correct answered trivia question. The team/person with the highest score during the raffle on Saturday night wins! Must be present to win. Everyone else is extinct! Good luck!

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